If you have been sentenced to serve a jail sentence from another City, County, or State you can serve your time at SCORE (South Correctional Entity) located near the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport in Des Moines, Washington.

In order to serve your time at SCORE you must pay the daily housing costs for each day you are in custody.  Additionally, before you can serve your sentence you should:

  • Contact your sentencing court and request to serve your time at SCORE.
  • Once approved by the Court, you need to have them fax or email a copy of your commitment paperwork along with a document that has approved your commitment be served at our facility.
  • Contact SCORE to schedule the date that you will turn yourself in by filling out this form or calling (206) 257-6200
  • Once you have completed the commitment at our facility, we then send a report back to the sentencing court detailing the date/times of your stay.

What to bring with you:

  • Valid Photo ID

If you have more questions about serving a sentence, contact SCORE Jail at (206) 257-6200