If you wish to review or inspect any identified records held by the South Correctional Entity – also known as SCORE (available under the Public Records Act, RCW 42.56), you can make a Public Disclosure Request.  Requests will be accepted in person at SCORE, by phone, by fax, or by email at

There is no charge to inspect public documents, but a copying fee of 15 cents per page can be assessed if you wish to purchase copies of the record(s).

The guidelines below will expedite your request for records.   For more information, questions may be directed to the Public Records Officer at 206-257-6200 during business hours.

Public Record Request Form

Public Record Request Fee Schedule

1.      Request forms are available at SCORE and online at  You do not have to use our form, but it shows the kind of information we need to process your request.  Fill out the form and mail, fax, email, or drop it off at SCORE.  If you chose to not use the form, please be sure to include the same information as requested on the form.  There must be enough information for use to locate the specific document(s) you are requesting.  If you prefer not to make a written request, please speak with our Public Records Officer during business hours.

2.      Some documents may not be available under the Public Records Act, but may be available under other laws in certain circumstances.  If a record is withheld or parts of it have been removed we will identify what was deleted and the law by which we have denied access.

3.      A response will be provided within five (5) business days of the time that the Request is received.  At that time we will provide the record(s), deny the request, or give you reasonable date by which to review and/or purchase the record(s).  You may be contacted to clarify the request in order to serve you better.

4.      In some cases your request may take longer than expected.  Records may also be provided in installments as they are available.

5.      In some cases, our Agency might not be the disclosure point and we will refer you to those who can better assist you.

6.      An appeal process is provided by the Public Records Act if you believe we have not fully complied with the provisions of the Act.

Please note: RCW 70.48.100 provides that jail records are confidential.  The only information that can be provided is the name of the arrestee, date and time of booking, reason for booking, date and time of release, and reason for release.